Charmaine is an experienced metaphysical life coach and practitioner of tarot, astrology and meditation – with over 25 years international experience.

New MoonShe is renowned for physical and emotional healing practises, focussing on mind and body, to assist in achieving better understanding of oneself and relationships with others.

Metaphysical life coaching sessions

Charmaine is currently based in Auckland New Zealand and offers stress and anxiety therapy. Contact Charmaine to enquire about pricing and dates.

Metaphysical school for teenagers

Learn the magic of vision boards, making wands, learning to make and read runes, working with crystals and dream catchers. Contact Charmaine to enquire about pricing and dates.

Astrological and Tarot Readings by email or Skype

Charmaine is also available for in-person consultations and, due to her large international following, is also able to provide tarot and astrology readings via email or Skype. Choose a reading and pay online.

Contact Charmaine

Charmaine also has a range of products, including rune sets and tools to assist with house-clearings (working with ley lines and geopathic stress lines). Contact Charmaine to enquire about a product.